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  • King David Network, LLC ~ KDNRadio is licensed with the State Of Michigan as a Limited Liability Company under the title of King David Network, LLC.

  • KDNRadio streams online through the Live365 streaming service.

  • Live365 is contracted to take care of all the music royalties on behalf of the network, on condition KDNRadio provides correct metadata for all of its files.

  • KDNRadio is filed with the IRS and has an Employer Identification Number connected with the company for taxes and wages.

  • KDNRadio's website is created through Wix.

  • KDNRadio has its own bank account for donations and purchases under the name King David Network, LLC.

  • All sound effects and background music used in station imaging is gotten through the network's subscription to AudioBlocks.

  • This website, the domain name, and all material, work, and content on the site, including all articles, audio, video, and graphics including the various KDN logos, is the exclusive property of Dovid Nissan Roetter, KDN's founder. It may not be reprinted, duplicated, or copied without explicit written permission.

  • Honey Gold: #D1A054 ~ R-209 G-160 B-84 ~ C-18 M-37 Y-78 K-1

  • Royal Purple: #2A004B ~ R-42 G-0 B-75 ~ C-82 M-100 Y-0 K-60

  • Logo Font: BlackEdge

  • Logo Secondary Font: Helvetica

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