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A podcast aimed at exploring the depths of Jewish thought from a Torah-authentic viewpoint.

The Bagel Report is a pop-culture entertainment podcast featuring award-winning culture and entertainment writers Esther D. Kustanowitz and Erin Ben-Moche. Each episode, these entertainment junkies discuss all things Jewish in the arts & entertainment world while exploring how Jewish identity is portrayed on the big and small screen.

In the bustling, ever-growing Jewish music/ simcha entertainment industry, there's a wide array of singers, composers, arrangers, producers, and musicians who are either brimming with potential, at the cusp of arrival, or perhaps have already begun their journey and are relishing the opportunity to express themselves through music while inspiring and elevating countless listeners.
In this podcast, Simcha Kranczer (host), as well as the listeners, get to familiarize themselves with certain JM personalities on the rise and to appreciate them both as a person and as an artist.

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