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Our Story

King David is arguably the most famed king in Jewish History. However, for many people, it wasn’t his reign that gave him that legacy. What gave David his everlasting legacy was his talent in writing and music.

The proof for this is his iconic harp symbol that accompanies his picture – including on the entrance to his gravesite in Jerusalem, Israel – as well as his famed Book of Psalms (Tehillim) which has been, and is still to this day, read by countless individuals of multiple faiths in a wide variety of situations.

The question remains, however, as to what was so special about his writings and music that gave David such an everlasting legacy?

The answer is that he recognized that his talent in music and writing came from a source higher than he, as he writes in Psalm 139, “For you created my mind.”
By turning his talents to better the world, and constantly praise G-d, David utilized his remarkable talents and used them in their truest form.

The same thing goes with the remarkable tool called the airwaves. We have in our hands something that can be used to send information to anyone we wish, anywhere across the globe. While it can be used to share raunchy comedy and pranks, how much better would it be if it could be used to spread positive messages, Torah-based thoughts and lessons, and music that could spread truth?

That, dear friend, is the purpose of the King David Network: to learn from King David of the past, and to use our combined skills in the worlds of speech, writings, music, and more, to spread Judaism to the world with the airwaves. To use our gifts and make the world holy and pure. To lighten up someone’s day, to make children smile, to show the world that we can use anything and everything to make this world a place for G-d.

The King David Network – "Judaism For Your Ears, Heart, Soul"

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In Loving Memory

Pesha Leah bas Chaim Leibel Azoulay-Roetter

The King David Network is lovingly dedicated in everlasting memory of Pesha Leah (bas Chaim Leibel) Azoulay-Roetter, the beloved sister of the network's founder, Dovid Roetter.

Pesha Leah lived her life bringing smiles to all who met her, and lived every moment trying to make the world a better, more G-dly place to reside in.

May the learning and growth from this network help bring an everlasting elevation to her soul.

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