KDN Schedule Description

Monday 7:30pm

Tune in and receive your weekly dose of health tips for your ears, heart, soul.

Batsheva's Medical Monday
Host: Batsheva Kraz

Sunday-Thursday 10am-12pm

Tune in for a customized playlist compiled of favorite Jewish Tunes!
Song requests taken!

Jewish Jam!
Host: Shaul Anthony

Sunday 7-8pm

The Bagel Report
Hosts: Erin Ben-Moche & Esther Kustanowitz

The Bagel Report is a pop-culture entertainment podcast featuring Jewish Journal Contributing Writer Esther D. Kustanowitz and Digital Content Manager Erin Ben-Moche.
In each episode these entertainment junkies discuss all things Jewish in the arts & entertainment world, while exploring how Jewish identity is portrayed on the big and small screen.

Top of the hour

David's Strum

One minute of "Did You Know?" facinating facts!

Wednesday 7:30pm

Journeys To Judaism

Host: Shaul Anthony

Coming Soon

Tuesday 7:30

People We Know & Stories We Don't

Host: Dovid Roetter

Everyone has a story worth hearing! Tune in and learn the rich story behind the everyday person you thought you knew!

Dedicated by the network in loving memory of Sara Chana bas Mendel Colbert

Soul Sisters

9-10am & 9-10pm

9-10am & 9-10pm

Soul Sisters

Tune in for a special hour of Female Vocalist only music! This is a beautiful way for our female listeners to enjoy the power of women in music!

Kid's Club

Sunday-Thursday 6-7 Pm


Joyful Noise

Have your children tune in to a special hour of Children geared music, for all ages!

Perfect background music as your child does their homework or eats dinner!

Tracks include Suki & Ding, Miami Boys & Yeshiva Boys Choirs, Country Yossi, Instrumental music, and more!


Storytime with Adam Chapman

Tune in to hear the daily explanation of a mitzvah in an easy, short, and fun clip with Nechama Dina Hecht!
​Followed by a beautiful and animated story with a touching lesson at the end!


Shema Session

It's time for bed! Join us as we say Shema!

Teen Time

Sunday-Thursday 8-9pm

Sunday-Thursday 8-9pm

Teen Time
Host: Dovid Roetter

Tune in for a special hour of music and interviews dedicated to teenagers, hosted by teenagers!

Sunday-Thursday 8:30pm

Hayom Yom
Host: Rabbi Moshe Steiner

Quick thought for the day
Hosted by: Rabbi Moshe Steiner of

Sounds of Shabbat

Friday 7am-Candle Lighting [48075]

Friday 7 am- Candle Lighting

Sounds Of Shabbat

Tune in to hear a wide variety of Shabbat-themed music to help you get in the proper mindset as you prepare for the holy and revered day.

Sounds Of Shabbat begins every Friday at seven in the morning and goes for until shortly before Candle Lighting Eastern Standard Time!

Friday 12 pm - 1 pm

Parsha Podcast I & II

Host: Ari Goldwag

World famous singer and ​songwriter Ari Goldwag gives a short and sweet tidbit on the weekly Torah portion.
Sounds Of Shabbat begins every Friday at seven in the morning and goes for until shortly before Candle Lighting Eastern Standard Time!

King David's Harp

Saturday After Shabbat-Midnight

Saturday After Shabbat - Midnight

King David's Harp

Tune in for a special "Kumzitz" style playlist to accompany the Shabbat Queen home back to her home Above!

Saturday After Shabbat - Midnight

King David's Harp

Tune in for a special "Kumzitz" style playlist to accompany the Shabbat Queen home back to her home Above!

Turning The Tables Of Time

Sunday - Thursday 5-6pm

Sunday - Thursday 5-6pm

Turning The Tables Of Time

Close your eyes and be transferred back to times of old as we play music from records on our beautiful turntable!

Morning Torah Time

Sunday- Friday 4-7am



Host: Rabbi Manis Friedman

Tune in to learn the daily portion of Tanya in a Hebrew/English translated discussion.


Daf Yomi
Host: Rabbi Shmuel Wise

Tune in to learn the daily portion of Talmud Daf Yomi in a Hebrew/English translated discussion.​


Chumash with Rashi

Host: Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon

Tune in to learn the daily portion of Torah with Rashi commentary in a Hebrew/English translated discussion.

After Chumash

Host: Olivia Dietzel

Tune in to learn the daily portion of Psalms

Evening Torah Time

Sunday- Thursday 10-11pm


10:00 pm

Sefer Hamitzvot
Host: Rabbi Mendel Kaplan

Time in to learn the daily commandment from Maimondies


Maimonides One Chapter
Host: Rabbit Yehoshua B. Gordon

Tune in to learn the daily chapter of Maimonides


Daf Yomi

Host: Rabbi Shmuel Wise

Tune in to learn the daily portion of Talmud Daf Yomi in a Hebrew/English translated discussion

Sabbat & Holiday Mode

ZIP CODE: 48075

The stream will be off the air in honor of the holy day of rest, beginning at candle lighting time, and will resume after the Shabbat/holiday concludes in Eastern Standard Time.

Sunset Friday - Nightfall Saturday

Shabbat & Holiday Mode

For those who would like to better understand why the station is off the air on shabbos, except for our randomly played message saying that we are off, below please read the reply from a Rabbi at that helped us make the decision:
Having the radio automatically play on Shabbat may not technically be a prohibition of violating shabbat but there are a number of other issues. According to some, broadcasting on a radio show geared specifically towards Jews and is heard on Shabbat is a violation of Lifnei Iver (putting a stumbling block before the blind). (see Tzitz Eliezer Vol. XVI) . Additionally, there is potentially an issue of marit ayin or at the very least, not in the spirit of Shabbat.
At the same time, it would seem that having a repeating recording informing listeners that we are off the air for shabbos and will return after sunset Saturday, may be the way to go.
While on the topic, I copied and pasted correspondents that Avraham fried had with someone regarding this very issue.
In his words, before making his album "No Jew will be left behind" he wrote a letter to the Lubavitcher Rebbe explaining his idea, and the Rebbe wrote back wishing him hatzlachah -- and instructing him to print the words "Please do not play this recording on Shabbos and Jewish holidays" on the album.
"It seemed like a strange suggestion," says Avraham fried. "After all, how many people were there who were into chassidic music but not into Shabbos?" but he says It was a suggestion that could only have been made by someone who belived that no Jew will be left behind -- that even one transgression by one Yid is too much.
However, just a few years ago he got the following letter from a Jew in Israel...
Dear Avraham Fried,
From An Anonymous Jew,
I grew up listening and singing your music in our shabbos table and in all of our happy occasions. And as a kid in Jerusalem, I also remember going to Gan Soccer with the family to one of your concerts.
I am today not religious. But to this day I listen and I am inspired by your powerful, spiritual, and soul touching music.
I am so spiritually connected to your music that I am tempted to play it on shabbos. I get disappointed that the only available music I have on shabbos is the meaningless non-jewish stuff. But I wanted to let you know that I have kept your request dear to me and I will not, even at gun point, play your music on shabbos.
Today, during my darkest and happiest moments, I will tune in to your music for inspiration and hope.
Your music is a kindle to my long lost Jewish soul and it is keeping me alive, both physically and spiritually.
My life would simply be meaningless without it.
So before you go to bed at night or the next time you’re having a rough day, keep in mind that your music is quite literally touching my soul and giving me tremendous hope.
– – – – –
To an anonymous Jew:
Thank you for writing one of the most powerful letters that I have ever received in my 36 years of singing.
If I would respond to all the details of the letter it would take a very long time.
So I just want to say this:
I would love to meet you one day and hear your story face to face.
It was the [Lubavitcher] Rebbe who told me 36 years ago when I was releasing the CD No Jew Will Be Left Behind, to print the words: please do not play on Shabbos and Yom Tov.
Perhaps he saw you and the struggle you will have with Yiddishkeit and asked me to print those words so this can be your own unique way of remembering that it’s Shabbos by not playing my music.
A Rebbe can see things way ahead of its time!
For someone who calls himself not religious, your soul however seems to be on fire!
You’re so in touch with your spirituality.
How lucky I am that thru my music I have a part in keeping that spark alive.
Stay tuned as a new cd is coming soon IYH.
I say to you, Chazak Chazak!
Please keep in touch.
Let me know if this helps.
All the best,
Rabbi Yehuda Shurpin"
~ ~ ~
As you can imagine, after hearing this story, how can we too not include on our station a message requesting that we are not to be heard on Shabbat?
Wishing you all of the best,
Dovid Roetter, Executive Director

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